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I tell people I make paintings and video works. But actually, I make meaning. 

My artistic practice revolves around unpacking expectations of the status quo and art into simpler parts. Then rearranging these parts in different ways to create meaning by imagining other ways of seeing. 

I approach painting in various ways. For the past decade, I’ve been developing my paintings beyond image-making. Approaching them as conceptually, as an act of object-making, and as a genre. Often using representation/copying as a means to explore different subjects. 

My videos are a counterpoint to my paintings. Where storytelling precedes concepts. They always include other people and their concerns. Both in the making and in their presentation. And usually feature imagery and themes of work/labour. 

Recently, I’ve included writing and exhibition-making in my practice. I’m interested in developing the various formats in both forms as a bridge for communication and collaboration with others.

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