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coming sometime soon-ish: until further notice untitled unnoticed noteworthy

by Roy Varogen +

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Roy Voragen (Heerlen, the Netherlands, 1974) moved to Indonesia after receiving masters in philosophy and political science from the University of Amsterdam in 2003. He taught undergraduate and graduate courses in philosophy and political science at universities in Bandung and Jakarta between 2003 and 2010. Since 2010, he works as a curator and writer. He has curated, organized and participated in projects, talks and seminars in Bandung, where he resides, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Singapore, Manila and Hong Kong. Beside his curatorial practice, he writes and publishes poetry. Some of his poetry: #superduperdecorativeart manifesto (Langgeng Art Foundation, 2016); Aleph’s permutations (published at the occasion of Syaiful Garibaldi’s solo exhibition Quiescent, ROH Projects, 2016); Your Lips Stutter (Gauss, 2016); Eulogy for K. (published at the occasion of Cinanti Astria Johansjah’s solo exhibition DOWN DOWN DOWN the rabbit hole at ROH Projects, 2017); Futile Erasure (forthcoming by P and not P, 2017); and Primal #m74207281 (a long-durational and still ongoing poem; a preview was published by SOd Press in 2016).

Dec 2017

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