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Flower In The Pocket

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as Production Designer

Dir: Liew Seng Tat

2007  |  97 mins

Dahuang Pictures

This is Liew Seng Tat's debut feature-length project. The project was shot with very little money and time, but with a dedicated skeleton crew.  The entire shoot took 12 days. A textbook definition of guerrilla filmmaking. Probably due to the lack of experience (read, ego ) for all who are involved, this project is the happiest experience I had in a feature film project.

I am most happy with how transparent the production design is in this film. The film doesn't look like it was designed at all. Often choosing locations that are close to the director's and my imagination of the script, instead of building and dressing from scratch, which we couldn't afford. And using props we found on location.  I suppose production design in a realistic drama is very much like sound design. The least you notice it, the better.

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