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太阳雨  Rain Dogs

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as Art Department, Wardrobe Department, One Leg Kick

Dir: Ho Yuhang

2006  |  1h 34 mins 

Paperheart Pictures

This is my 2nd feature film project. The entire shoot was a road trip that covers the urban grit of downtown Kuala Lumpur to the pastoral setting of a fishing town in Kuala Sepetang.

This is my first encounter with the often lauded "Malaysian New Wave" filmmakers. It is worth noting that most, if not all of them, were not trained as filmmakers. Their resourcefulness and desire to get their work to the international audience is something I admire. 

"One Leg Kick" is a literal translation of a Cantonese expression. It means doing whatever necessary to get the job done. A "position" with no clear definition.

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