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The Boy, His Bike & The Map

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2015 | 17m 26s | HD | Stereo | Single Channel | Color | English

The Boy, His Bike & The Map (BBM) is the second in a 10-year video-essay project tentatively titled Malaysian Artist at Work (M.A.W). BBM is a continuation from “Chia Koon Talk” series of video essays and is about Jeff Lim, a graphic designer by training, but have in recent years became a cycling activist in Kuala Lumpur.

On the surface, it’s about the technicalities of making a cycling map, but in essence, the video is about Jeff’s love for Kuala Lumpur, a place he calls home and his desire to connect with it’s past by playing a part in making its' future better.

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The Boy, His Bike & The Map
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