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The Horror, The Horror

2015 | APW | Kuala Lumpur

The title is a line taken from the novel “The Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad and is premised on the idea that identity and meaning are complex and fluid, and depends as much on what we choose to see or exclude, instead of something that is inherent and unchanging.


The Horror, The Horror is my 3rd solo exhibition. The show is sited in a former printing press factory and marks my first serious attempt at making “exhibition-making” a part of my practice by identifying the variables that are expected in a typical painting exhibition in Malaysia, and then proceed to play with it. For instance, the unspoken truth accepted by most that copying is an antithesis to anything creative. 

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Installation view 

photo by Wee Seng

A Copy of A Copy / Camera Lucida

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2015  |  Oil on canvas  |  24 x 17cm

This painting below is of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing from the movie “The Imitation Game”. A tongue in cheek variation on the ideas of copying and repetition. This painting is placed away from the Turing portraits, to be found by the audience as an Easter egg.

Taking the idea of copying to its logical conclusion, all the portraits are made with the aid of a homemade Camera Lucida. This allows the copying of both form and tone. This contraption is shared with the audience for them to try.

Below are also examples of uncompleted pencil drawings by audiences using the Camera Lucida during the exhibition.


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Oil on Canvas  |  80 x 80cm  |  2014

Sisyphus is a painting of an early computer memory. The image is taken from the internet. It was first featured in my 2nd solo exhibition, "The Pleasures of Odds and Ends". Part of the idea for that show is to imagine a series of paintings that extend beyond a single exhibition.

Sisyphus is placed together with the Turing portraits as a continuation of that show. As well as a nod to his contribution to the development of Computer Science.

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Installation view 

photo by Wee Seng

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