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2021 | 1920 x 1080 | 27m 27s | Single Channel | Stereo | Color | English with Japanese subtitle

CITIZEN is an extension of The Koganecho Gesture(TKG). It is made in collaboration and based on texts by Makarim Salman (Mac).  Mac is chosen from TKG's open call for a collaborator from the general public in Yokohama.


Mac, is a British physicist, turned financial analyst who eventually became a tour guide in Tokyo. 


CITIZEN is a video essay on Mac's love story with Japan and in particular with Tokyo. In his own word it's a story of influence and connection across space and time. Part social commentary, part diaristic, it is Japan as seen and experienced by a global citizen. 

CITIZEN is my first attempt at collaborating with a member of the public. It's an interpretation of a script and an essay by Mac. 

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Mac's Script
8th July 2021


Mac's Essay (external link)

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CITIZEN Footage Anchor