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移忘 The Comfort In Forgetting

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as Director of Photography & Editor

Dir: Lin Chun Ni

2013  |  13 mins 51 secs  |  HD  |  Stereo  | Single Channel  |  Color

Three Corner Fish Films

"The Comfort in Forgetting" was made in 2013, and directed by Lin Chun Ni, a young(er) Taiwanese director. I did camera work and editing. Chun Ni received a small grant from a Taiwanese T.V station to make a short docu but decided to make a short video essay on her impression of Malaysia.


If I remember correctly, she is struck by the multiple realities that co-exist here and was curious about how this came to be. The video weaves together stories about where we came from, where we are and where we are going through talking to 4 Malaysian artists. Essentially, it's Chun Ni's and my meandering love letter to Malaysia and Malaysian.

This video features stories from Azharr Rudin (filmmaker), Janet Pillai (art educator), Ronnie Khoo (terrarium-ist) and Ong Chia Koon (contemporary Chinese calligrapher)

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