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Kak Laila

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2016 | 15m 51s | HD | Stereo | Single Channel | Color

This video is reworked from a commissioned short for a local N.G.O that work on issues regarding women empowerment. 

Norlaila Othman is a soft-spoken and introverted housewife until her husband was arrested under the *I.S.A and jailed for close to a decade under the suspicion of  involvement with terrorist activities.  A charge that is never proven in court until today. The process to free her husband sees her transform into a vocal activist not just for her husband, but also other families of I.S.A detainees.

*The Internal Security Act (I.S.A), is a law that allows for the indefinite detention without trial of any Malaysian that is suspected of undermining the nation’s security. Allegedly, often misuse against political opponent of the ruling political party. The I.S.A was repealed in 2011, and replaced with the equally repressive Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (SOSMA).

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Kak Laila (versi 2016)
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