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@yarimoriya was made during my 3-months residency at ARCUS project (Moriya, Japan) The title is a play on the city’s name, Moriya. @yarimoriya is my first online solo exhibition and features 56 micro-videos that uses existing online platforms as a site for presentation.


This is a survey that combines, character sketches and anecdotal vignettes. Inspired by the literary form of Haiku (俳文), I want to capture moments of my stay in Japan using moving images and sound. Particularly on themes and imageries that revolves around ideas of home, work, and play.


All the videos are meant to be experienced as an endless loop. This mirrors my intention of making an exhibition that has no closing date, and is accessible to anyone and everywhere.

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2016 | 56 Videos | < 1 mins | 1350 x 1080 | Stereo | Single Channel | Color 

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57 posts | 2017 | Writings, Stills and Videos | Dimension Variable 

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