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Pelacur Muzik

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2022 | 14 mins 56 secs | 1080 x 1920 | Stereo | Color | Bahasa & English with English subtitles 

Pelacur Muzik (PM) is my new video essay about singer-songwriter Suiko Takahara (Taka) of The Venopian Solitude. More specifically a song she wrote over 2-days in a state gleeful frenzy titled Pelacur Muzik (Musical Prostitute).

This song is the main track in Taka’s recent album Hikayat Gundik Berirama (Chronicles of the Musical Concubine). An epic concept album about the rise and fall of a musical prodigy. Obviously not a self-portrait of Taka, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.


This video is a playful exposition about the intersection between art and commerce. Or borrowing a line from Salleh Ben Joned, between the sacred and profane.


This video adopts a vertical 9:16 format and is visually inspired by online UI and the omnipresent smartphones. The all-knowing black mirror in this age of perpetual connectivity. 

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