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Projek Seni Taman Medan 
(Taman Medan Community Arts Project)

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as Facilitator

2002 - 2005  |  Kuala Lumpur

Five Arts Centre & British Council Malaysia

Projek Seni Taman Medan is a recurring art workshop with children living in the inner city area of Taman Medan (Selangor). This project is organized by Five Arts Centre and funded by British Council Malaysia.


The multi-arts workshop is essentially about self-expression through storytelling.

The videos below are samples of videos made by the participants of the workshop. These videos were screened for the Taman Medan community at the end of each phase of the project.

Kino-I, a Malaysian film production company, provided technical & equipment support for this project.

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2003  |  10mins  |  SD  |  Stereo |  Single Channel  |  Color

2003  |  10mins 50secs  |  SD  |  Stereo |  Single Channel  |  Color

2003  |  11mins 19secs  |  SD  |  Stereo |  Single Channel  |  Color

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