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Heritage Heboh!

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as Technical Crew,  Photographer

Dir: Janet Pillai


Organized by Arts ED & DIGi

Heritage Heboh is a cultural festival aimed at giving the public, specifically children, an opportunity to experience, celebrate and develop an appreciation of local cultural knowledge and skills in George Town. Started in 2003, the festival is designed to be interactive and comprises fun cultural activities led by local artisans and craftsmen. These activities include traditional cooking, craft making, traditional games and silk screen printing. Children are able to gain some basic understanding of cultural knowledge and skills through these short and fun activities.  -Text by Arts ED

My role in this project is minuscule. I got involved for a chance to observe, what I think is a culmination of Janet Pillai's decades-long work in George Town. Janet is the creative director of this project and also my teacher when it comes to works related to community engagement through the arts.


Among other insights, it is through these works that I begin to see the limits of art in a gallery to affect change in Malaysia. 

Janet and FIve Arts Centre played a big part in my participation in "The Taman Medan Project", "ADA APA?" and "AYA". Which are all projects that engage communities through the arts.

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